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10 oz. Continuous Spray Bottle
Purchase 10 oz. Continuous Spray Bottle
  • 10 oz. Continuous Spray Bottle

    Sometimes you need a little spritz and sometimes you want a powerful mist. Most of our products come with a traditional trigger that you squeeze a few times to release the product. With the Continuous Spray Bottle just hold down the trigger and the product is released in a fine mist for as long as you hold the trigger. It's a great solution for spraying a large amount of product over a large area. The continuous spray bottle can hold 10 oz of your favorite product. And to make it easier to fill, use the funnel attachment which is specially designed to fit on the top of the open bottle. Simply unscrew the cap, connect the funnel, pour in your favorite product, take off the funnel and replace the cap. It's that easy.

  • $9.99