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I Hate Ironing is one of the best products in my house. I truly do hate ironing and all I have to do is spray I Hate Ironingon my wrinkled clothes. It works beautifully” – Jim D, Minneapolis, MN


Mary Ellen’s Best Press is a great product. I use it on all my quilting projects! — Dawn D., White Plains New York


“I’ve been using Mary Ellen’s products for years and love them, especially Best Press!” — Jamie R., Flagstaff AZ


“I just tried the new Lavender Thyme Best Press and it’s my new favorite. I will be buying more!” — Jody C., Columbus OH


“I have a new cat and it has been marking its territory for several weeks. I used Mary Ellen’s Pet Smell Away and I can’t believe the difference it’s made. You wouldn’t even know I have a cat! — Crazy Cat Lady, Orlando, FL


“One of my favorite products is Mary Ellen’s Bye Bye Baby Stains. It really does work better than any other product on the market. — Mary M., Atlanta, GA


“Mary Ellen, I don’t know what I would do without you! I have one of your products in every room in my house. Thanks for making my home just a little more enjoyable. — Samantha D., Westland, MI


“I am a custom home builder and my hands are in rough shape. After a long day of using tools and doing heavy lifting, my hands ache. That’s why I love Mary Ellen’s Men At Work Hand Gel. I’ve tried many hand lotions and nothing compares to Mary Ellen’s Men At Work. I keep a bottle in my tool belt all day. It works. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses they hands a lot.— John V., Portland, OR